Benefits of a Boardroom: Part 1

Key Benefits of using a Boardroom for your next meeting.

Many business will require the use of a Boardroom or Meeting Room from time to time. Whether it be for meeting clients, workshops, conferences or staff meetings it is essential you pick the right space for these meetings.  

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Leaving a Lasting Impression

When hosting any business meeting the space you choose is vital, as it reflects upon your business. Meeting clients at home or in a cafe can often leave an unprofessional and impersonal image on your business. Furthermore, meeting in hotel conference rooms is often quite costly and may not reflect well on your business. Alternatively, using a prestigious, conveniently located Boardroom in a reputable Office space will provide a positive and lasting impression. 

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Additionally, rather than having clients waiting in a lobby area or at a cafe, they can instead relax in a comfortable reception space, or in the Boardroom itself and prepare for a the upcoming meeting. The Point Cook Business Centre also offers Wi-Fi, beverages and catering, as well as access to a 64inch monitor and projector. 

Eliminate Distractions 

When conducting meetings, either with clients or staff, it is vital that that all participants within the meeting are able to clearly focus. Often when meeting at places like home or a cafe there are many distractions in the environment, such as loud noises from coffee machines or other people. By using a private boardroom you are able to be secluded and thus eliminate these distractions, ensuring that the meeting runs smooth and free from interruptions. 


These are only two of many benefits of using a Corporate Boardroom, other benefits will be discussed in future blogs.