Benefits of a Boardroom: Part 2

Key benefits of using a Boardroom: Part 2.


As we touched on in our previous blog there are many benefits of using a boardroom, including making a lasting impression and the elimination of distractions. As well as these, using a Boardroom is also cost effective, great for workshops and both internal and external meetings.

Cost Efficiency

Wanting a prestigious corporate environment without all the overheads and additional costs that most hotels and corporate offices have, at the Point Cook Business Centre we have multiple meeting and boardroom spaces at rates typically lower than these other locations.

While a big boardroom in the city or conference room in a hotel may seem appealing, they often come at quite a cost, not to mention the add-ons and over heads. With many boardrooms in the city starting at over $50.00 per hour plus extras, meaning a simple business meeting can become quite costly. To help ensure that your business costs are kept low and you can use your business funds on the important things we pride ourselves on a cost efficient boardroom hire. The Point Cook Business Centre offers our Boardroom at rates lower that of the city or hotels, furthermore our costs are inclusive of internet access.


Workshops and Classes

Using a boardroom to run workshops and classes are a great way to improve your business, both internally and externally.

Whether you are successful business looking to run workshops to train your staff or you run classes to members of the public, using a boardroom to host these is the ideal location. Using workshops is a great tool to train your staff on new products/services as well as refreshing their knowledge on what you currently offer. By ensuring your staff have the most up to date knowledge, they can provide your business with a competitive advantage. Meaning, they are able to provide your clients with the best possible service and have they have the best possible knowledge of products and services.

You can also run similar classes but to external clients or members of the public. These can vary from quite broad range topics or more niche classes to target specific demographics, depending on what audience you wish to target. These classes are a great way to branch out your business and help to draw in customers, also providing you with a great networking opportunity. Furthermore, by running classes to members of the public it is a great way to source extra revenue for your business, as well the opportunity for repeat business from the attendees.


These benefits, as well as the ones touch on in our previous blog are just some of the countless benefits that a Boardroom can provide to your business. So regardless of the reason of using a Boardroom it is clear that it will only have a positive impact on your business, so why not find out first hand and use one.