Antenna Relocation & Fibre links installation


We have recently relocated the communication tower to the main building C5 from its previous location at C2. 

2 years ago, the Antenna\Mast was installed on the C2 building as there was no line of sight. Today, this was fixed as a new relay now has a clear line of sight to C5.

What does this mean for us?

For us, it means we can finally increase our internet performance and experience. The new installation brings us one step closer to finishing our network upgrade journey. Combined with the completion of Fibre links between C1, C2, C4 to C5, we can deliver a fast and reliable internet solution. 

What's next?

Our next step will be to upgrade the infrastructure to Direct IP. This means we will be finally able to reach 50/50 internet speeds. Once this step is completed, we will activate another internet link over ADSL service. This link will provide redundancy for our main internet solution in the case it may go down. 

We are committed to continue and improve our internet services to you all.