PCBC Newsletter: July Edition


Better Network - Better Services

Greetings !

We're excited to announce that we have partnered with YMtech, a Melbourne based IT consultancy firm, to deliver a revitalised networking infrastructure which will provide you all with a better internet and online experience coupled with enhanced security.

Estimated for completion in September, the improved network will provide new opportunities for our tenants to optimise their business.

Connecting Point Cook business centre

One of the first major tasks of the project is connecting the four buildings together on a fast fibre optic network. At the moment, Our tenants are spread across 4 buildings and it's our aim to ensure each building gets the same high level of service. 

Right now the buildings are connected via a wireless link. We are aiming to replace that service with an optic fibre service to increase reliability and speed. This won't affect individual wireless connections inside the offices.

Once this task is completed, the buildings C1, C2 and C4 will all be connected to the C5 building with 10GB fibre link.

Added services

Reliable Internet Connection

With the network up and running, tenants can expect an uninterrupted online connection. In the rare instances where the main internet service provider may become inaccessible, the system will automatically failover to a secondary line while the issue is quickly responded to. This means you'll still be able to access the internet, albeit at a slightly slower speed, while the maintenance occurs.

Enhanced Security

An optic-fibre cable connection allows users to have a higher security, due to the one-to-one connection each building has to the mainframe. Unlike Wireless connections, optic fibre connections are more immune to noise from neighbour's radio frequencies. 

Users will be able to decide on how they want to adjust their security settings to best fit the needs of their business. For example, if a business is located in more than one building, there's the ability to allow the devices from relevant offices to communicate and share data with each other at a very high speed. This will enable businesses to ensure their offices remain as private and secure as possible.


Secure a Server Space

We'll soon be installing an Enterprise Storage unit in the C5 building. With the installation of the storage, we'll be able to offer our tenants more space to host their business files and programs. The server will also include hard drive redundancy to protect against a failure. We'll be updating you with more exciting information about the new opportunities this server will bring as we get closer to installation. 

Launch Date

The new connection is estimated to be launched in September this year and we'll continue to keep you up-to-date with the latest project news with our regular newsletters.

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We’re excited to be embarking on this partnership with Point Cook Business Centre and are committed to providing the best IT services for your business.
— YMtech